Convergence® 2022: Handwoven Kitchen Towel Exchange


Join us for a weaving exchange and increase your handwoven towel stash. Participants will each bring five towels and will leave with five wonderful new towels. To participate, click "register" then on the next page complete your registration. For assistance please call HGA at (678) 730-0010 Monday-Friday, 12-5 PM EST. We look forward to seeing you in Knoxville!
  1. Towels must be woven from cotton, linen, hemp, or any combination of these fibers.
  2. Finished size is to be 18” x 25”. Please plan ahead to address shrinkage and pull-in.
  3. Please finish with a hem either hand-sewn or machine-sewn.
  4. Weave five towels.
  5. Include a copy of the draft and treadling, thread samples, and source with each towel.
  6. Include your name, contact information and any additional information you would like to share with your towel recipients.
  7. Towels must be delivered (in person or appoint someone) between 8:30 AM and 5 PM on Monday, July 18, 2022 to the Knoxville Convention Center's Lecture Hall
  8. At 5 PM on Monday, July 18, 2022 we will exchange towels.
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