SS&D 2006

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Issue 146 Spring 2006

HGA Award Recipients for 2005, Meyer May House, Right From the Start: Keep Personal Fiber Inventories, Urban Jupena: Living the Artists Life, Intertwined: Contemporary Baskets from the Lieberman Collection, In Search of Mud: Bogolanfini, Bethany Barry, Harpies, Mermaids and Tulips: Embroidery of the Greek Islands and Epirus Region, Junco Sato Pollack, Susan Lenart Kazmer


Issue 147 Summer 2006

Miao Textiles from the Collection of Susan Weitzman Conway, Right From the Start: Incorporate Conference Attendance into Your Learning Process, The Textile Museums Thesaurus, A Journey of the Imagination, Line, Space and Form: Art of Kay Sekimachi, Takako Ueki and Habu, Block Twill LX, Flax LX, Monks Belt LX, Paper Thread LX; Kids Fiber Fun Camp, Having Fun with Needle, Thread, and Mesh Bags, Needle Weaving on a Frame Loom


Issue 148 Fall 2006

HGA and Dendel Scholarship Recipients for 2006, Right From the Start: Understand Weave Structure, D. James Dee: Translating the Artists Intentions, Back to the Floor Exhibition, HGAs Small Expressions 2006, Design and Color Trends for 2007, Convergence 2006, HGA Thanks Its Convergence Volunteers, Make a Grand Entrance Wearable Art Fashion Show, Life in the Creative Stream


Issue 149 Winter 2006/07

Great Lengths: Yardage Exhibit, Right From the Start: Use Treadling Methods to Extend Your Options on Four Shafts, Cut and Sew with Confidence, John Garrett: Process, Materials and Vision, Dyeing without a Dyepot: Disperse Dyes, Nancy Moore Bess: Artist, Author, Artisan, Tablet Weaving: The Vacant Hole Technique LX, Spinning Variegated Fibers LX, Weaving Huck LX, Spinning Wool from Wensleydale Sheep LX



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