SS&D 2007

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Issue 150 Spring 2007

HGA Award Recipients for 2006, Right From the Start: Plan Your Warp, The Colors of Nature, The Montreal Centre for Contemporary Textiles and Louise Lemieux-Berube, Craft in America, Sewing Handwoven Fabric with Confidence, Leki and Rinzin Wangmo: Weavers of Bhutan, Creative Grand Crossings: Multimedia Interlacements Exhibit


Issue 151 Summer 2007

Right From the Start-Keep Your Loom in Top Shape with the Appropriate Number of Heddles, Berta Frey's Dress, WeaveCast: A Podcast for Handweavers, Hems for Handwovens, Kyung Ae Cho, Marcel Marois: Meditations, Kids Fiber Fun Camp, Woven Ribbons, Summer Fun with Embellished Ribbons Memo Board, Alpacas LX, Fanciful Figures LX, Reading Manuscripts LX, Bamboo Mania LX


Issue 152 Fall 2007

HGA and Dendel Scholarship Recipients for 2007, Right from the Start-Assess Your Progress, HGA's Small Expressions 2007, At Home with Crafts, Featured Speakers for Convergence 2008, Joan Morris: A Journey with Shibori, Victoria Z. Rivers: Beyond the Shining Cloth, Weaving a World Back Together: Willa Shalit and the Path to Peace, Unfurled: Expressive ClothExhibition, Buttonholes, Kiyomi Iwata, Private Pleasures: Collecting Contemporary Textile Art


Issue 153 Winter 2007

Right from the Start: Sley Your Reed According to Your Sett, Braid Embellishment for Clothing, Pricked: Extreme Embroidery, Barbara Layne: Concordia's Creative Collaborator, Weave with Bamboo (LX), Spinning Worsted without Combs (LX), An Introduction to Triaxial Weave (LX), Spinning Mohair (LX)



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