SS&D 2013

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Issue 174 Spring 2013

HGA Award Recipients for 2012; Right From the Start—The Basics of Crackle; Spun: Adventures in Textiles at the Denver Art Museum; Aimee Lee and the Art of Hanji; Latitude: All Media Exhibition at Convergence® 2012 Long Beach; Display and Print Profiling and Calibration


Issue 175 Summer 2013

Right From the Start—Find Common Ground; The Color Management Process: The Print; Out of Southeast Asia: Art That Sustains: Interpreting Southeast Asian Textiles for the 21st Century; Denver Art Museum Embarks on a Surreal Sojourn with Nick Cave; A Weaverly Path—Filmmaker Kenny Dalsheimer’s compelling portrait of tapestry artist Silvia Heyden; CD Weaving: Fun for all ages; Two Summer Dyeing Projects; Waffles To Go: Project for the Rigid Heddle Loom


Issue 176 Fall 2013

Interlacing Color; Right From the Start—You know the threading of the structure you want to use, and know what you want to make—but don’t know how to combine the two…; The HGA and Dendel Scholarship Recipients for 2013; HGA’s Small Expressions 2013; The Color Management Process: The Print, Part 2; HGA’s Convergence 2014 Providence Registration Booklet (insert)


Issue 177 Winter 2013/14

Right From the Start—Weaving Structures Without a Fixed Threading Sequence; Celebrating HGA’s 45th Anniversary with A Scarf for Everyone; Exploring Color and Weave; Reaching for the Stars: What Sources Your Inspiration?; A Back-up Plan: Camera Memory Cards



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