SS&D 2017

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Issue 189 - Tromp as Writ, HGA's Convergence® 2016 Moving Forward Fashion Show, 2016 HGA and Dendel Recipients, Growing a Dye Garden, The Home of hte Handweaving Museum Celebrates its 50th Anniversary


Issue 190 - HGA Award Recipients, Tools You can Use Part 2, HGA's Mixed Bag-All Media, Time Warp and Weft; a Celebration of the Passage of Time through Weaving, Houston Center for Contemporary Craft, Blue Rills Movng Forward Fashion Show entry


Issue 191 - Running Out of Weft: Diagnosis and Treatment, Jason Collingwood: Convergence Keynote Speaker, HGA's Small Expressions, Meet Laurie Duxbury: HGA Representative from Virginia, Thread Yarn or Tea Bag String?, Convergence 2018 Leaders, My First Commission: A Dream Client and an Intimate Story


Issue 192 - Teaching an Ancient Craft for Good, Saba Basket Adventure, Reno 2018 Delegate Registration Book, Entering Juried Exhibitions, The 2017 HGA and Dendel Scholarship Recipients 



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