**Rental** J. Estes Miniature Patterns, Vol. 1 & 2

Type: Textile Kit Rental
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J. Estes Miniature Patterns, Volume 1 & 2

A rental collection of small scale overshot 4-shaft patterns devised by Josephine Estes. Warp is generally 20/2 perle cotton.

Number of Samples: 68

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This Textile Kit is a treasure box of beautiful handwoven samples. Please treat them very carefully so that others may enjoy them for years to come. These Kits are ideal for guild programs or personal use. Kits may be kept for one (1) month from the date you receive them. The Kits must be returned to the HGA office via UPS or USPS (Priority Mail). Please insure package for $100 during return shipping.

The rental rate includes the cost to ship to recipient. Rentals are only open to those members in the United States. Domestic shipping only.

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