Issue 204 Winter 2020

Type: SS&D
Price: $10.00


Right from the Start - Rigid Heddle or Not? by Marcy Petrini

Weaving in the Time of Covid-19 by Judith T. Yamamoto

The Demo is Over: What Do I Do With the Fabric? By Sally Orgren

Meet HGA's 2020 Interns

HGA's Symphony of the Smokies -Mixed Media Exhibit

The Burroughs Garret: Meet Justin Squizzero by Cassie Dickson

Taming an Overly Bright Color by Tien Chiu

Inspired by the Land: The Pictorial Weaving of Alice Tipton by Pam Howard and Tommye Scanlin


Cover image: Vessel No. 386 by Lee Sipe

Neon CRM by Neon One